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I wanted to welcome you to the LGBT+ Staff Network page and introduce myself and my Co-Chair, Nick Skelton. We took over as the Co-Chairs of the network in January 2016 and we are here to support you in your time at the University, help to create an LGBT+ community, listen to your ideas and work with the University to make changes - whether that be through creating inclusive policies, supporting Pride, creating more gender neutral toilets or ensuring LGBT+ visibility across the University.

Please do get in touch with us and share your ideas.

Thank you

Suzanne Doyle and Nick Skelton - Co-Chairs of the University of Bristol LGBT+ Staff Network

University of Bristol LGBT+ Staff Network Meetings:

There are 3 meetings a year:

LGBT+ Staff Network Socials:

The network organises monthly/regular socials which get put on the website and are sent out to the mailing list. Anyone in the network can organise socials or let others know about events which are happening in the local community. If you are interested in organising any socials please do let Basu ( know and you can send invites or events through the mailing list.  If you have any ideas for a social please contact the network on

Upcoming Socials

Past Socials

  • Afternoon Cream Tea
  • PantoSoc Christmas Pantomime
  • Bristol Pride - Walked in the march together with staff and students at the University and had a stall at Pride
  • LGBT+ History Walk of Bristol by Matthew Price as part of LGBT+ History Month
  • Pizza and drinks at Beerd
  • Bowling at the Lanes
  • Games Night at Chance and Counters Board Games Cafe
  • Picnic at Royal Fort Gardens
  • LGBT+ Staff Network Team at Staff Quiz 2017
  • After work drinks
  • Joint social with Kaleidoscope (University of Bath LGBTQ Staff and PGRs Group) at Queenshilling


  • March 2018 Social
    Thursday 8th March, from 7PM
    The Golden Guinea
    19 Guinea Street
    Bristol BS1 6SX

    Informal social event to kick off 2018, to get to catch up and discuss ideas with our new team. Please sign up using our Eventbrite link and share with any friends of colleagues who may wish to join.

  • April 2018
    We are looking to hold an event with the Brigstowe Project - a charity whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for people living with HIV. This will be hosted in one of our member offices; we shall send further details as soon as they are confirmed.

  • May 2018
    Our plan is to break our own norm and hold an event during a Saturday afternoon. Any suggestions for preferred activity are welcome; our main aim is to encourage participation from people who perhaps struggle to attend evening events during the week. Family, friends and colleagues will of course all be welcome to attend.

  • June 2018
    Long standing members of the group will already know that Llloyds Banking Group have a fantastic LGBT network, and we will be holding a speaker event with some of their directors to understand why it is important for them that everyone can be themselves at work.

  • July 2018
    July is Pride month, and two of our new committee members have extensive Pride experience and background. We will be drawing on their contacts to hopefully host an event during Pride week, agree how we as PROUDbristol can get involved with Pride on July and then organise a 'wind down' social nearer the end of the month.

  • August 2018
    Barclays have kindly offered to host an event and we have several ideas on the sorts of topic that people might be interested in, but we want your ideas.
As you can see from the above, we are still aiming to have monthly events, alternating between formal speaker and informal networking. We always encourage feedback as this network only works well as long as our members are getting what they want! Therefore, please do send through any comments, questions or suggestions to this email address:

You can also contact us via the following social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

University of Bristol Rainbow Lanyards

You may have recently noticed many students and staff around the university wearing rainbow-coloured University of Bristol lanyards to hold their UCards. You may be sporting one yourself! The rainbow lanyard reflects the same colours of the Pride Flag recognised internationally as a symbol of pride and affirmation for people identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender+ (LGBT+). Last year the rainbow flag was prominent across the media and at memorial services around the world in solidarity for the 49 people who lost their lives in the Orlando shooting in a gay night club

US gay activist Gilbert Baker is credited with creating this political symbol in the late 1970s to represent what was then described as ‘gay freedom’ – ‘an insignia of pride capable of affirming social independence.’  Baker’s original flag consisted of eight different colours which each held their own meaning before being whittled down to six – you can read more about the history and origins of the rainbow flag here.

While the colours may have changed over time and the people it represents expanded, the rainbow lanyard at University of Bristol remains a symbol of affirmation and pride for the sexual and gender diversity of its staff and students and a reminder of the individual worth, value and equality of each person who belongs to the university, inclusive of students and staff who identify as LGBT+. It also serves as a reminder to those outside the university community that the diversity of its staff can only be an asset and something to be recognised and celebrated.

About the group

The UoB LGBT+ staff group provides the following:


Membership of the mailing list and the group meetings (three times a year) is open to all staff at the University of Bristol who identify as LGBT+, including people of any sexual orientation, gender or age. There is no subscription fee for the group.

How to join

To join the group please contact us via email at We will add you to the mailing list so you can receive information about upcoming events, socials and relevant and useful news/information, as well as keeping you up to date of the work the Co-Chairs are doing on your behalf with the University.

How to contact the group

Once you have joined the group then you type in to contact everyone on the mailing list. Any responses will go back to the person who sent the email and not to everyone on the list. Please share any interesting events, useful contacts and relevant information with the group.


We plan to have at least one social gathering per month (off campus but near the University). These events will act as a friendly and social event to meet other LGBT+ members throughout the university. Previous events have included pub gatherings, walks, bowling trips, etc. We are open to suggestions for activities, and any member can organise one.

There are also more formal meetings which occur at lunchtimes three times a year. These provide an opportunity to discuss any LGBT+ issues in the workplace and generate ideas that improve the working lives of LGBT+ staff at Bristol.

If actions are required the co-chairs of the group liaise between the group and relevant parts of the University to help this happen.


The group is run by a small committee of volunteers, currently:

If you would like to contact any of us personally please do, especially if you have any questions or comments or useful feedback.

Use to contact all the above


The National Centre for Diversity Grand Awards 2016 - UK's Most Inspiring Individual of the Year: Suzanne Doyle

University of Bristol Professional Services Excellence Awards - Registrar's Award for Diversity 2016: UoB Bristol Pride 2016

Bristol Pride Awards 2016 - Best Employer

Bristol Pride

Bristol Pride 2017

Victoria Rooms, University of Bristol during Bristol Pride 2017 - Bhagesh Sachania Photography

Bristol Pride 2016

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