Maternity / Paternity Coaching


What is maternity/paternity coaching

Maternity/paternity coaching is designed to support you.  Having children may change your perceptions about yourself and your expectations in relation to the University as your employer.

The agenda is very much set by you, although these optional 1:1 coaching sessions may give you the opportunity to explore issues such as:

  • Work/life balance
  • Identifying what has become important to you since your life has changes
  • Refocusing professional and personal goals


For women, these sessions can also focus on the challenges of letting go before you go on maternity leave and offer confidence building when you return.

For men, these sessions can provide you with advice and support on how to deal with the pressures of succeeding in the world of employment while trying to spend more time at home in order to support your partner and engage with your baby.

How is it delivered

For women, three sessions will be offered - before, during and after maternity leave - in an effort to support you in the time leading up to your maternity leave, facilitate your return to work and to help you adjust to rejoining the workplace.

You could use the session during your maternity leave as one, or part of one, of your Keeping in Touch Days (by combining it with a visit to your department, for example), which means you can be paid for your time.

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