Research Staff Representation and Working Party

‌‌Welcome from Professor Alastair Poole, Chair of the Working Party

‌"Welcome to the Research Hub. Because research staff make up a large percentage of the University of Bristol’s workforce it is vital that your ‘voice’ is heard, and that your views and opinions feed into the University's decisions and processes. To address this, the University has established a Research Staff Working Party and Committee structure to promote and support the careers and working environment of externally-funded and early career research staff.

As Chair of the Working Party and a Faculty Research Director I have a keen interest in the success of our collective research endeavours and believe this representative structure can have real impact in influencing both the research staff agenda and the University's broader vision. I therefore encourage you all to talk to your school representatives if you think there is an issue that needs to be heard. Your engagement will support our aim to make the University of Bristol an excellent working environment for all research staff."

The Research Staff Working Party

The Research Staff Working Party meets three times per year and is chaired by Professor Alastair Poole, Faculty Research Director. Minutes of the previous meetings are available. This group reports to the University HR Committee and the University Research Committee. Full terms of reference and membership are available.

The Research Staff Reps Committee

The Research Staff Reps Committee represents research staff from across the institution and facilitates engagement within the University. The committee also meets three times a year, two weeks in advance of the Working Party. Additional meetings may be arranged to discuss or consult upon specific topics of importance. Minutes of the previous meetings are available. 

Research Staff Representatives (reps) from each school make up the committee membership and are in place to provide the link between research staff and the central University structure. They facilitate communication – both locally where they work and across Faculties between research staff and the wider research and academic community. The Chair and three other Reps are also part of the Working Party.

Each school is encouraged to have a representative who will: