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You need to be aware of certain legislation in order to be sure that you stay within the legal boundaries when creating information within the University.

Copyright in the UK covers:

  • Literary, dramatic and musical works
  • Typographical arrangements
  • Artistic works
  • Databases
  • Sound recordings

A common mistake is to assume that if you find material on the Internet, for example images and videos, you are free to reuse it in your own documents or teaching materials. Unfortunately this isn't the case, and if you do intend to use other people's material in your documents or web pages you need to make sure you have the copyright owner's written permission to do so (unless the material has a licence attached which clearly allows reuse). If you are unsure about your use of copyright you should seek advice from the University Secretary's office.

Creative Commons is a not-for-profit organisation that has defined and introduced a system of licensing. Creative Commons licences can enable people to copy, distribute, use and alter works according to the particular strength of licence associated with them. To view more information on the licences visit Creative Commons: License Your Work


Do an Advanced Search on Google Images to filter results by usage rights, to find images that have been licensed as free to use and/or modify.


You have found an image of the Wills Memorial Building on the Internet which you plan to use in an information pack for students. You know the name of the person who took the image but can't find their contact details. Which of the following statements are true?

Please select an answerNo - UK copyright makes provision for some education "exceptions" and "fair dealing" but these are quite specific and are limited in what they permit. No - even if you reference the source, you would still need the copyright holder's explicit permission to use the image.Yes - you need to have the copyright holder's explicit and if possible written permission to use the image. If you are not able to obtain this permission you will need to find an image that you do have permission to use.
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