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FOI requests

Information that you produce at the university (including data, emails and letters) may be subject to a Freedom of Information request and therefore disclosed in the public domain. As a University employee, you need to be aware of the Freedom of Information Act and be prepared to act quickly if you receive a request for information. You should also remember that you have a legal duty to help people to find the information they request so knowing what information you are keeping and where it is stored will help this process.

How you handle the request depends on the type of request and the nature of your job.

  1. If you routinely give out certain information to the public, staff and students, continue to give out this information as before.
  2. If the information is available elsewhere (for example, on the web, in the Publication Scheme, in a journal or book) you should tell the person where to find it.
  3. If you receive a request for information that is not the sort of information that you already routinely provide, or more complex than usual, or about a sensitive subject, or you are unsure what to do, contact promptly.
  4. If the request is asking for personal information relating to an individual, seek advice from your Departmental Data Protection Representative or the Information Rights Officer.
  5. If the request is for information that you think is:
    1. particularly sensitive, complex or confidential, OR
    2. asking for information about unpublished research OR
    3. will require a lot of time or expense to provide

Please contact the Information Rights Officer at


In which of the following situations are you not required to disclose information under the Freedom of Information Act?

Please select an answerNo - information that is held in a personal archive is still subject to FOI requestsYes - personal information is covered by the Data Protection Act so is generally exempt from FOI requestsNo - information that is more than 10 years old is subject to FOI requestsNo - information that has been archived is subject to FOI requests
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