The UoB Manager Induction Programme

The UoB Manager Induction programme aims to equip all new professional services managers with the skills and knowledge they need to manage their staff confidently, effectively and with self-awareness.

About the programme

We want to ensure that all staff taking on supervisory or people management responsibilities at UoB feel equipped and confident to do so. This development programme provides new managers with vital skills training, input from key UoB divisions and networking opportunities in the early days of their new role. 

A 'build your own' approach

This self-directed management programme consists of a number of flexible workshop modules. New managers are asked, in discussion with their own manager, to select and participate in the modules most relevant to their particular remit, with the following guidelines: 

  • The 'Line Managing @UoB' two-day module is mandatory for anyone taking on formal line manager responsibilities. Please note: this module replaces and extends the existing 'Staff Review & Development' training for Professional Services staff.
  • Participation in other modules is self-determined; new managers are expected to take a proactive approach to their development and attend all relevant modules to help them to excel in their new management role.
  • Those new to supervising other people's work, but who aren't formally line managing staff, may attend the foundation module 'Supervising @UoB'.

All the modules will be available regularly throughout the year to ensure that participants can access the right training for them at the right time.

Core induction modules

These core programme modules give new staff a grounding in the key skills of supervising and managing one or more members of staff at the University of Bristol.

Supporting modules

These workshops support the core induction modules and focus on specific practical skills required by managers to perform their role effectively. New and existing managers are expected to undertake any modules applicable to their remit and/or their personal development needs.

Who is the programme for?

The UoB Manager Induction programme is open to Professional Services managers who are new to the University context or staff at any grade who are taking on the following responsibilities for the first time:

  • supervising or overseeing the tasks of others
  • formally line managing individuals
  • managing a team of two or more people

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