KnowHow: development at your desk

Want to engage in some professional development but only have a few minutes to spare? KnowHow, the University's online learning platform for staff, can help you develop your skills from the comfort of your desk.

How can KnowHow help me?

Finding time for your own development can be difficult. KnowHow allows you to participate in personal and professional development activities whilst sitting at your desk. 

On the platform you'll find:

  • Top tips, useful guides and handy checklists
  • Videos, animations and infographics based on the latest research
  • Self-assessments, templates and team exercises you can use with your staff

You can use the resources for your own purposes or with your staff members to improve team performance. 

Whatever your role, whether professional services or academic staff, you will find useful and practical resources to help you thrive at work. 

What sort of topics does KnowHow cover?

Start exploring

All these resources and many more are at your fingertips, so why not bookmark KnowHow and dip in regularly, whenever you need some support or a skills refresh? And look out for the weekly KnowHow newsletter on a Monday which will keep you up-to-date with new and interesting resources.

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