Technical Staff and Services Strategic Group

The Technical Staff and Services Strategic Group (TSSSG) meets a minimum of three times each year. It reports to the University Planning and Resources Committee. The group is responsible for:

  • Establishing a clear vision for technical resources at Bristol
  • Developing a strategy for technical provision, to include investment, structure and purpose, and fit with academic and professional services strategies
  • Setting and driving consistent standards for technical support of teaching and research, including health and safety.
  • Developing a strategy for issues related to the technical staff population profile, to include impact of single points of failure, succession planning, recruitment, and ‘the technical career’.
  • Establishing a consistent technician leadership framework that reflects the UoB leadership behaviours and technician representation at appropriate levels.

The Review Group is composed of:

  • Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research (Chair) - Nishan Canagarajah
  • Director of Human Resources - Guy Gregory
  • Staff Development Officer (Technical Staff) - Allison McRitchie
  • A Dean of Faculty - Tim Gallagher (Science)
  • A Faculty Manager - Stephen Brooke (Biomedical Sciences)
  • A School Manager - Amanda Carmichael (School of Clinical Sciences)
  • A member of staff from IT Services - Ian Stewart (Director, Advanced Research Computing)
  • A representative from UNITE - Tony MacDonald (Trade Union Officer)
  • Technical Managers and Technical Staff Representatives
    • Fred Hale (Science)
    • Steve Gaze (Technical Manager, Biomedical Sciences)
    • Sue Christie (Lab Manager, School of Clinical Science)
    • Deborah Gibbs (Resource Manager, Arts)
    • David Hooper (Manager, Materials Group Research Laboratories, Engineering)
    • Gareth Young (Deputy Technical Manager, Biomedical Sciences)
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