English language resources for international staff

Welcome to our English language webpage dedicated to International staff.

This page contains a list of resources (internal and external) that you can access to help improve your English language skills.

Internal resources

External resources

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Language buddy Scheme

The idea of this scheme is to help people find "buddies" with whom to practise their conversational language skills.  So, for most of you, you will want to practise speaking English but will be able to offer practise in your native language to the other person. We have placed a notice board in the Staff Club for you to post your details on - please provide the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. The language you want to practise
  3. The language you can offer practise in
  4. Your contact details (either e-mail or telephone number)

Once you have found a buddy, please remove your details from the board.

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Contact details

If you have any questions please contact:

Dr Alison Leggett

Staff Development Manager (Academic Staff)
Tel: 0117 33 18077, Email: alison.leggett@bristol.ac.uk

Ri'Anna Stueber

Senior International Adviser
Tel: 0117 95 45790, Email: r.stueber@bristol.ac.uk

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