MSc in Stem Cells and Regeneration

Stem cell LogoThis website supports the University of Bristol's online MSc in Stem Cells and Regeneration programme.

The course provides students with knowledge and understanding of the highly topical and exciting field of stem cell biology and regeneration. Students will be guided from the origins of this field through to its applications (and potential applications) in treating human disease, covering the latest tools and technologies available for study in this area. Course content will be delivered by researchers active in the field, meaning the very latest breakthroughs and research themes will be communicated.

The course is taught via an innovative distance-learning model which makes use of the internet to deliver lectures, on-line discussions and assessments. Students are only required to visit Bristol for the completion of their formal examinations. This distance-learning model, together with a part-time study option, means that students can continue in full-time employment whilst studying for this qualification.

More detailed information on the course can be found in the open access section of this website and this can be navigated through by the menu on the left of this page. Students registered on the programme will be provided with a password to access the secure area of the website and teaching material.