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Ms Caroline Boughton


Caroline joined the University in November 2016 as the Programme Manager for the Tyndall Place Programme. Her background is in Defence, both as a Civil Servant responsible for managing large scale transformation programmes and latterly as a consultant change manager, providing analysis and direction for organisational change. As the Programme Director for Defence Reform, she oversaw the implementation of the recommendations from the Levene Review into the operation of Defence, a programme of work which spanned every organisation, changed how the organisation held its people accountable for how public money was spent and involved significant behaviour change. Following on from this she developed the business operating model for how Defence now runs its procurement organisation and put in place measurement mechanisms to ensure an ongoing focus on continuous improvement in acquisition.

In addition to change programme management, Caroline has worked on large scale IT Infrastructure delivery, managed the requirements for the corporate IT strategy implementation, run the property development and facilities management for a co-location programme as well as working on the supplier side for provision of support services to the Army on Salisbury Plain.