About us

whole team at scs

Photograph of most of the Student Counselling Service team.

We are a team of 18 qualified and experienced counsellors, supported by a Head of Service who is also a counsellor, a bank of 10 associate counsellors working in peak times and up to 6 part time trainee and qualified counsellors working voluntarily on placement. We have an Office manager and five part time administrative staff

We are part of the broader Student Services team  which is here to ensure students’ welfare needs are met.

Within the counselling team we have a wealth of expertise, and our counsellors are drawn from range of training backgrounds. This allows us to match the right counsellor to your needs.  Each counsellor also works integratively, enabling different processes and tools to come to the fore depending on the student’s particular need in the moment.

We adhere to the BACP ethical framework and are always happy to receive feedback about our services.

Student Counselling Service organisational chart (PDF, 205kB)of the Student Counselling Service.

Meet the team

I found my counselling sessions hugely beneficial. I felt supported, valuable and never judged. The sessions helped me to overcome difficulties and depression and emerge a much happier and stronger person. I cannot sing my counsellor’s praises high enough. Thank you.

The counsellors I saw were willing to listen to anything I had to say, and personally, I found that simply being asked certain questions made me realise things and gain an insight into my situation.

The counsellors are lovely and so friendly and welcoming which made me feel valued.

Simply put this was the best counselling I've had. I felt like my counsellor really cared about my issues and me as a person. I have taken away a much better understanding of myself and why I think and feel the way I do.