How we can help you

How to access support

1. Register with the service.

2. You receive an email within 2 working days with some online forms to complete.

3. Complete these forms and return them to us

4. A counsellor will read your information and recommend a first intervention, designed to be the best support for you as an individual

5. You will receive an email with a recommendation for support within 10 workings days

What is on offer?

The Student Counselling Service offers a range of interventions to students whose psychological difficulties are standing in the way of them achieving their full potential at university.

We aim to provide an inclusive service where students of any age, class, ethnicity, faith, beliefs, disability, culture, sexual orientation, gender and transgender identity feel welcome. We strive to be non-judgemental, offering a service that meets the individual needs of students.

What is the aim of the service?

We will work with you to help you manage your mental health and wellbeing while you are at university and decrease your personal distress. This could be via:

How does the service work?

You need to register with our service, complete forms about your wellbeing and describe what you are having difficulty with, how long this has gone on for and what you have done so far to try to resolve your difficulties. We will use this information to direct you to those services we think are the most appropriate for you at this time.