Talk and Plan (TAP) sessions

We run pre-bookable Talk and Plan (TAP) sessions to support you in creating a self-help plan. A TAP session is a 20-minute meeting (face to face or on the phone), where you can talk to a counsellor and develop a plan for psychological change.

  • Together you can create an individualised programme of support and you may also be signposted to online and paper based resources.
  • Follow-up TAP sessions, giving you the opportunity to review your plan with your counsellor, can be booked by you as needed.
  • The aim of TAP sessions is to help you find pragmatic solutions to psychological issues you are having. They are designed to be flexible and action focused.
  • TAP sessions are also used to support students on the Healthy Minds scheme. Where you will be given a special three-month premium gym pass, access to a variety of classes, and your own Activity Mentor.
How to book a TAP session?

  1. Please register with the Student Counselling Service and request a TAP session.
  2. You will then receive some important forms to complete that will help guide discussions with your counsellor.
  3. Complete and submit your forms and wait 5 working days.
  4. You then call the Student Counselling Service on 0117 954 6655 and book a TAP session at a time that is convenient to you.

Please note we usually recommend that TAP sessions are spaced out (maybe fortnightly or monthly gaps between), to allow you to try out new things between sessions. 

You can book TAP sessions with specific counsellors.

What to do if you are in a mental health crisis?

TAP sessions are not appropriate if you are in a mental health crisis.  

Your GP is the first port of call if you are concerned about possible risk of harm to yourself or somebody else. The Student Health Service or other GP practices have an out of hours service when the surgery is closed. If you are registered with the Students' Health Service and you feel you are having a crisis in your mental health please contact the service and ask for a same day appointment.

Things you can do to prepare for a TAP session

  • Think about ‘What is the problem or issue?’ ‘Where am I stuck?’ ‘What would I like from the session?’ ‘What do I need?’
  • Sometimes it is helpful to consider ‘If I could change one thing to have maximum impact on my wellbeing, what would it be?’
  • It might be helpful for you to check out the self-help links listed on this website.
  • You could also come to visit our Swagota Basak Memorial Library, situated on the 3rd floor of Hampton House. The library provides a range of self-help material including books, CDs and leaflets.

TAP sessions are for any student registered with the University of Bristol. Sessions are also available to students who are suspended and temporarily withdrawn from studies.

TAP sessions are different to one to one counselling and would generally not be available to students who are currently receiving 1:1 counselling.

TAP sessions are not available whilist a student is a member of an ongoing bookable group such as Mindfulness or Self esteem etc. TAP sessions can be used at the same time as any drop in groups.