Bank accounts

The content on this page is for students who started in 2018. Information for 2019 courses will be available nearer the time.

It may take some time to open a bank account in the UK.
Bring enough money (travellers' cheques, banker's draft) to last until your bank account is open.

Do not bring a lot of cash with you - there is a risk it could be lost or stolen.

There will be bank staff at registration, on the first day of your course, who can help you open a bank account.

How to get a bank account

You need a bank letter from the University to open a bank account. You can get a bank letter when you register in person at the University. If you have any questions please email

Bank accounts available

Short visa (less than 6 months)

If your visa only covers your pre-sessional course you can only open an account with the following banks: Santander, Natwest or Barclays.

You must open a UK bank account as soon as you can to be ready for the visa extension process.

Longer visa

If you have a visa that covers your pre-sessional and main course you can choose from other banks.

Students in private rented accommodation

The University will only give a bank letter if you have a tenancy agreement (a contract between you and the person who owns the house).

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