The content on this page is for students who started in 2018. Information for 2019 courses will be available nearer the time.

You need to register:

  • online  before you arrive, and
  • in person  on registration day, which is the first day of your course.

2018 pre-sessional course start dates

  • 14-week course  Thursday 17 May 2018
  • 10-week course  Thursday 14 June 2018
  • 6-week course  Thursday 12 July 2018

Register online

Completing registration

  • You need your student number.
  • Register for academic year 17/18.
  • If you have completed an undergraduate degree in your home country, choose the option 'Non-UK First Degree’ when asked for your highest qualification.
  • Pre-sessional courses are in the Faculty of Arts.
  • Course fees  leave this page blank.
  • Check your term and home contact addresses are correct.
  • Print out the final page  this is your Online Certificate of Registration.

When to register online

You can register online now. You will register in person at registration day, on the first day of your course.

Register online now

Online Certificate of Registration

You must print the final page of your online registration and bring it with you to the UK. This is your Online Certificate of Registration, and you will need it to register in person. 

Register in person

The first day of your course is registration day. You must attend a registration lecture and have your visa and passport checked.

Registration days are:

Staff from the University’s Centre for English Language and Foundation Studies (CELFS) will help you complete your registration forms.

What to bring on registration day

To register in person, you will need: 

  • a print out of your Online Certificate of Registration
  • your passport (containing your visa)
  • your home address and your Bristol address (written down)
  • contact details of a family member we can contact if there is an emergency
  • two copies of your sponsor letter
  • a pen and some paper
  • bank draft information if you are paying your pre-sessional tuition fees by bank draft
    • the bank draft should be made payable to ‘The University of Bristol’
    • the bank draft is for payment of your tuition fees only
    • you need a separate bank draft for each payment you need to make.

Visa and passport checks

Our International Advisors will:

  • check and scan a copy of your visa in your passport
  • stamp your printed Online Certificate of Registration once you have collected your Ucard.

Get your password from your agent

If your agent registered online for you, they will have set a password. Ask your agent for this password before you travel to the UK.

When to arrive

Plan to arrive at your accommodation the day before your course starts. 

Late arrival

Email if you are going to miss the first day of your course, to say why and when you expect to arrive.

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