University card (UCard)

The content on this page is for students who started in 2018. Information for 2019 courses will be available nearer the time.

This is your official University of Bristol identification. 

You must carry your UCard with you at all times.

Get your UCard

Upload a recent, passport-specific photograph for your UCard.

You must do this by:

  • 3 May if you are starting on 17 May (14-week course)
  • 31 May if you are starting on 14 June (10-week course)
  • 28 June if you are starting on 12 July (6-week course)

Students who have not uploaded their photograph by the date given will not be able to collect their UCard on the first day of their course.

Help getting your UCard

If you have a question or need help getting your UCard email: Include your full name and student number.

Deadlines for uploading your photograph

14-week course: upload by 3 May
10-week course: upload by 31 May
6-week course: uplodad by 28 June

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