Big White Wall

Big White Wall offers support and helps you take control when you are anxious, down or not coping. It's free and you can access it 24/7.

Whatever you are going through, Big White Wall is there to help. Subscribe to:
  • meet and chat with other members who may be experiencing the same things as you,
  • access a range of tools to help you self-manage like articles, videos and online course,
  • assess your wellbeing and mental health, set goals and track your progress,
  • express your feelings via pictures and images, and
  • talk to trained counsellors who are online at all times (this service is not free)
Big White Wall can support you when University services are not available. It can be helpful in the interim whilst you are on a waiting list for services. The service is anonymous and the University will not know you have used Big White Wall.
Use Big White Wall (sign in with your University email address)
To find out more about how Big White Wall can help watch this short student video:

If you wish to discuss the suitability of Big White Wall, you can do so with your doctor at the Students' Health Service and counsellors at the Student Counselling Service.

Your Big White Wall subscription

You have six months' access to Big White Wall's free services from the date you sign up.

If you want to sign up, renew or restart a lapsed subscription, email
Watch this video to find out more about how Big White Wall works.

Award-winning support

95% of Big White Wall members reported feeling better as a result of joining.

73% of members shared something for the first time.

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