Guidance for online applications

This page guides you through completing our online application form. You can upload documents, request references and save your application to work on it later. Once submitted, you can check the progress of your application and view and respond to our admission decision online.

Create your account

You will need to provide a user name and password so you can return to your application at any time before submission.

Please provide a current email address when creating your profile. We will use this address to communicate with you about your application.

If you change your email address, you can amend it within your account by using the 'Profile' button in the top navigation bar of the form.

If you forget your login details, you can use the 'Forgot your user name or password?' link on the login page to reset your password.

Starting your application

Please read the application instructions, via the link on the left of the application screen.

You should also review the relevant admissions statement for the programme you are applying for. This statement contains information about required documents and how they relate to the outcome of your application.

Once you have logged in to the system, select the 'Start application' button. You will see a list of options in the left-hand navigation bar.

Select 'Programme choice' to begin. You will need to complete this section first.

Complete each section as it appears. If you would like to pause in a section and save your work, use the 'Save' button located at the top and bottom of each screen.

Proceed through the sections of the application form using the 'Save and Continue' button.

Left-hand navigation

Top navigation

The banner navigation bar appears at the top of all pages of the application form for quick navigation to key areas.

Logging out

In the interest of security, you must log out of your application once your work is complete. You should use the 'Log out' button to do this. Please don't just close the tab or browser window, as this will lock you out of the application system. After you have logged out, we recommend that you close your web browser.

Submitting your application

You may only submit your application once.

When you have completed your application, use the 'Check Your Application' feature in the left-hand navigation bar to check whether you have completed all the relevant questions. The system will highlight any that still need completing.

Please review your responses and answer questions accurately. When you submit your application your responses will become the official property of the University of Bristol and our admission decision will be based on the information provided.

After completing your application, you can begin the submission process. Please select 'Submit Application' at the top of the page. You will be asked to confirm and to digitally sign your application. Once the University has received this, you will get a confirmation message.

Changing or adding to your application after submission

After submission, you cannot make any changes to your application, other than uploading supporting documents in the 'Post submission uploads' section

If you need to make any other updates or amendments, please contact the appropriate University of Bristol admissions office immediately.

You may be asked to submit a fees questionnaire relating to your fee status. If you have been asked to do this, use the 'Downloadable Forms' section (left hand navigation) to download the questionnaire. Complete the form, save it and upload in the 'Post submission uploads' section.

Making multiple applications

You can apply to more than one programme at the University of Bristol.

For some of our programmes, you can select a second choice of programme when starting your application. If you wish to apply for more than one programme but no second choice is available, then you can make a second application by creating a new profile.

You can use the same email address for multiple applications, but each application will need to have a unique username in order to prevent the system identifying your application as a duplicate.

If you choose to make more than one application, make sure you keep a record of the username for each application to avoid confusion.

System security

The University of Bristol is committed to delivering electronic services that recognise and respect customer privacy and security.

CAS numbers

If you require a CAS number (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) in order to apply for a Tier 4 student visa, this will be issued to you when you have met the conditions of your offer.

They are issued by the school/department you have applied to. Any questions relating to CAS numbers should be directed to your admissions office. Contact information can be found on each programme page, and on our contacts page.

Additional guidance to help you submit a completed online application

Help and support

If you have any problems with your online application, please contact

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