International Foundation Programme for Medicine and Dentistry

International Foundation Programme for Medicine and Dentistry courses for 2020

Single Honours

The International Foundation Programme provides a distinctive route for international students (non-UK and non-EU) intending to pursue medicine (MB ChB) and dentistry (BDS) undergraduate courses in the UK.

Successful completion of the programme guarantees an interview for the highly regarded MB ChB and BDS programmes at Bristol.

Why study International Foundation Programme for Medicine and Dentistry at Bristol?

The International Foundation Programme (IFP) is designed to provide an alternative pathway for students who require additional study to gain the appropriate level of qualification to be considered for entry to medical or dental degrees at universities in the UK. The IFP is not intended for overseas students who already have qualifications that are listed as acceptable for entry.

The one-year programme will prepare you for future undergraduate studies by broadening your core knowledge in chemistry and biomedical sciences and by providing experiential learning in a healthcare environment. It provides ample opportunities for personal and professional development and for excelling in subject-specific written and spoken English.

The programme is taught by highly qualified academic staff at Bristol, and you will receive full access to university facilities. You will be closely guided and supported by dedicated personal tutors and wellbeing advisers throughout the programme to ensure your learning experience at Bristol is rewarding. They will also offer guidance on securing a position on undergraduate courses within Bristol or the UK.

Admission to the programme guarantees a place within highly competitive admissions interviews for the MB ChB and BDS degrees at Bristol. Successful completion of the programme guarantees a place on one of our biomedical sciences degrees.

What kind of student would this course suit?

If you enjoy communicating, interacting and empathising with people of all ages, social backgrounds and cultures and those with special needs, this programme could appeal to you. You will need to have an excellent academic record, particularly in the sciences, and good time management and organisational skills.

To pursue a career in medicine or dentistry, you will need a lifelong commitment to continued professional development, so dedication to learning is paramount.

How is this course taught and assessed?

Our teaching is designed to help you transition into university life. There will be small-group and intensively supervised teaching, as well as teaching in larger groups with students on other programmes. This variety of learning environments will help you move from studying within a supported environment to more independent study.

Units within the programme offer numerous opportunities for study skills development and this is supplemented by Bristol Futures study skills learning resources, which allow students to engage more widely with the University community.

Assessments provide a careful transition from school assessments to those that you will experience if continuing on to medicine or dentistry at degree level. Across the programme there are regular formative (assessment for learning) assessments, which ensure that you are able to monitor your own progress and remain engaged.

Your learning is assessed continuously through laboratory practicals, completion of an ePortfolio, essays, multiple-choice and short-answer questions, and joint oral presentations - methods used frequently in professional programmes. These assessment methods are designed to accustom you to the assessment types and expectations you will encounter on medical or dental degree programmes.

What are my career prospects?

Doctors and dentists are in demand throughout the world. Graduates in medicine and dentistry have the unique opportunity to pursue career paths in general practice or to specialise in an area of medicine or dentistry of particular interest. Medical and dental graduates may also engage with research or enter a variety of careers closely associated with healthcare.

Successful completion of the programme can also provide a route into biomedical sciences programmes and future careers in research.


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