Key dates for 2018 entry

23 May 2017 UCAS Apply open for applications
August 2017 Common Application opens
6 September 2017 Completed UCAS applications can be submitted 
15 October 2017 Deadline: applications for courses in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science
15 January 2018 Deadline for all applications to be guaranteed consideration
25 February 2018 UCAS Extra begins (UCAS will contact you automatically if you become eligible) 
31 March 2018 Universities and colleges should aim to have sent decisions on all applications received by 15 January 2018
2 May 2018 Deadline: respond to your offers, if all decisions were received by 31st March (unless you live outside the EU or applied through Extra)
3 May 2018 Outstanding decisions from universities and colleges on applications received by 15 January are rejected by default
7 June 2018 Outstanding replies from applicants are declined by default where the last decision from universities and colleges was received by 3 May (except those governed by Extra)
21 June 2018 Outstanding replies declined by default where last decision received by 7 June (all applicants except Extra)
30 June 2018 Final date for non-EU applications. Final date for receipt of post 15 January applications.
4 July 2018 Last date for applicants to refer themselves through Extra
5 July 2018 Clearing opens/IB results published
12 July 2018 Outstanding decisions on applications received by 30 June and Extra referrals are rejected by default
19 July 2018 Outstanding replies declined by default including Extra where last decision received from institution by 12 July 2018
9 August 2018 Publication of SQA results. Start of Scottish Clearing vacancy information service. All outstanding replies declined by default
16 August 2018 Publication of GCE (A-levels) and Advanced Diploma results. Start of English, Welsh and Northern Irish Clearing vacancy information service. Adjustment opens for registration
31 August 2018 Deadline for applicants to meet academic conditions of offers.

Key dates for 2019 entry

The key dates for students applying to start in 2019/20 will be available from this page once confirmed by UCAS.

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