Transferring from another university or college

For some undergraduate courses, it is possible to transfer to Bristol after completing the first year of study at another university.

The admissions statement for the course you are interested in will tell you whether transfers are accepted.

Our courses in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science do not allow transfers.

Transfers are usually only permitted if all the following conditions are met:

  1. We have sufficient places available.
  2. You meet the entry requirements for students entering the Bristol course at first year level. Find the entry requirements for individual courses.
  3. The content of the first year of the course you have already taken closely matches our own. This ensures you are adequately prepared to continue your studies here. Find information about the content of individual courses.
  4. You achieve a good Upper Second Class overall in your current first year.

If you meet the above conditions and the admissions statement shows that transfers will be considered, you should apply through UCAS making sure you:

  • change the 'Point of entry' from 1 (first year) to 2 (second year);
  • provide a full educational history from age 16 onwards - see Filling in your application on the UCAS website.

If we cannot offer you a place in the second year, we may offer you a place starting in the first year.

Please refer to the University's Guidance on the Application Process for the Recognition of Prior Learning in Taught Programmes for further details. 

Help with your application

Read the UCAS guidance on filling in your application.

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