Higher numeracy requirement

Some undergraduate courses require specific GCSE grades in particular subjects. We refer to these requirements as ‘profiles’.

Higher numeracy profile requirements

To meet this profile, you need at least a 6 in GCSE Maths.

If you do not have this grade, you need to meet at least one of the below requirements. We consider these UK qualifications to be equivalent to the specified GCSE grade. 

Non-reformed GCSE Maths   B
Reformed GCSE Maths (England)   6
Reformed GCSE Maths (Wales and Northern Ireland)   B
IGCSE Maths   B
O Level Maths   B
IB Middle Years Programme Maths   5
IB Maths Standard Level   5
IB Maths Studies Standard Level   6
IB Maths Higher Level   4
IB Further Maths Higher Level   4
AS-level Maths   B
A-level Maths or Further Maths   C
SQA Standard Grade Maths   2
SQA National 5 Mathematics   B
SQA Higher Mathematics   B
SQA Advanced Higher Mathematics   C
SQA Advanced Higher Mathematics of Mechanics   C
SQA Advanced Higher Statistics   C
Cambridge Pre-U in Mathematics 9794 or Further Mathematics 9795   M3
Cambridge Pre-U in Mathematics Short Course 1347 or Further Mathematics Short Course 1348   M2
European Baccalaureate Maths 3p   8
European Baccalaureate Maths 5p or Advanced Maths 3p   7
Core Maths   B
Access (SWAP) H4LD 76, H4LC 76 and H22J 76   60%

Access to HE: Please enquire if you do not have one of the above qualifications.

We will also consider non-UK qualifications at an equivalent level. If your qualification is not listed above, you should include your full educational history with your application.

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