Student health and safety

The University of Bristol takes the responsibility to protect the health and safety of its students very seriously. Health and safety responsibilities are actively embraced in order to meet legal duties for securing the health and safety of employees and others affected by the University's activities. The University expects the co-operation of all staff and student members in meeting these obligations and creating a safe and healthy environment in which to work and study.

As a student here, you will have responsibilities to comply with health and safety instructions and not to misuse or damage equipment provided. These are outlined in the the University rules and regulations for students. You may be held responsible for the consequences should you neglect to carry out a task in a way that is required for the health and safety of others.

Individual academic schools have their own health and safety procedures relevant to a particular course. You will be informed of these procedures and local rules which relate to specific activities, equipment or protective clothing, at induction and/or during the course of your studies as applicable.

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