How to produce videos

Applies to: T4 Site Manager, Plone, Zope
Last updated: 27/10/2014
Summary: Guidelines for schools, departments and other organisational units who want to produce videos for use on the University web presence or social media channels associated with the University of Bristol.

Video production guidelines (PDF, 363kB)

What they cover

The guidelines include information on:

  • production-planning
  • marketing
  • house style
  • how to get your video online, and more

Who the guidelines are for

The guidelines cover videos intended for external audiences (eg prospective students, researchers, alumni, business partners, etc) or for use in general communications to current students and staff.

If you are looking to produce videos for teaching, research or other purposes connected with your work at the University, visit the Education Support Unit’s webpage on using media in teaching for general guidance, or contact the Education Support Unit’s Technology Enhanced Learning team,

Video-commissioning contract

Download a copy of the video-commissioning contract outlined in the guidelines (page 7), and find out more about how to use it, on our video-commissioning agreement web page.

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