How to add colours

Applies to: Plone and T4 Site Manager
Last updated: 20/10/2014
Summary: An overview of the colour palette and how it applies to the University’s visual identity

Before you start

With the introduction of T4 Site Manager, the University has developed a new visual identity, based on a standard supporting palette of 16 colours. All sites need to adhere to this colour scheme. Any sites that are not schools, faculties, departments or research groups will use the standard corporate template - and the core palette of red, white and black.

The colour palette


These colours have been darkened from the printed palette to increase the colour contrast for accessibility.

Bright aqua

Bright blue

Bright purple

Bright pink

Bright red

Bright yellow

Bright lime

Bright green


Dark aqua

Dark blue

Dark purple

Dark pink

Dark red

Dark yellow

Dark lime

Dark green

Using the colour palette...

...on schools, faculties, departments or research groups

Departmental sites should use a predefined colour scheme, speak to your Faculty Web Officer if you are unsure what this is. These colour schemes use a single bright or dark colour in the header and a paired colour as an accent.

Colour can be added to module boxes within the content area of sites. You should generally stick to the pairing from the chosen colour scheme, but an additional pairing can be added if more variety is needed.

University red should not be used, only where it has been prespecified in the corporate CSS.

...on professional services and corporate sites

Within the content area of a corporate site you can use the supporting colours in a number of ways:

  • Pairings of light and dark (eg dark blue and bright blue). This is the recommended approach and should give plenty of flexibility when including module-tint boxes and default stone module boxes. Generally start with the bright colour as the dominant colour and add the dark colour to complement. If a further colour is required then start with a bright of another pairing.
  • Dark colours or bright colours only. Useful to add vibrancy to a page but use appropriately and sparingly.

University red should not be used, only where it has been prespecified in the corporate stylesheet.

Further information

See How to use module boxes for further information.