How to maintain social media channels

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Applies to: not CMS specific
Last updated: 27/10/2014
Summary: Advice and guidance on creating and running social media channels on behalf of the University.


How to run a Twitter channel on behalf of a University organisation. These guidelines are for schools, departments and other organisational units who use, or are interested in using, Twitter.

Twitter for academics

IT Services run occasional courses for academics who want to use Twitter as part of their research: contact for more information.

We also recommend the London School of Economics Impact of Social Sciences blog team's guide to Using Twitter in university research, teaching and impact activities (PDF, 1,270kB).

YouTube, Vimeo and other video-hosting channels

While we don't have specific guidelines for YouTube, etc, we do have a comprehensive guide to producing videos.

Other platforms

If you are intending to set up and maintain a channel on Facebook, LinkedIn or other platforms, and would like guidance, contact the Campaigns team ( We also recommend the EDINA social media guidelines for general guidance.

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Social media directory

We maintain a directory of social media channels on 'Connect with Bristol'.

If you would like your channel added to the directory, contact us.