New website: getting started

Before you start

  • The Digital Projects Assessment Board (DPAB) is the governance function that assesses, approves and monitors project progress on behalf of the Digital Communications team within University of Bristol Directorate of External Relations.
  • DPAB provides oversight and control of incoming and in-process requests for work, so that all significant workstreams within Digital Communications can be supported to continually deliver business value, demonstrating this value through effective and clear benefits realisation.
  • DPAB determines where a site is located within the University website structure.
  • Most new public-facing sites are created in T4 Site Manager, however the University's new CampusPress website and blogging platform is a better choice for many reasons if you need to set up a research site.
  • Top-level URLs (web addresses) must be approved by the Digital Communications team.
  • Each website needs a Site Administrator to act as the main point of responsibility for the management of the site (maximum of three Site Administrators per website).

Want a research-based or non-standard website?

Next steps

New projects, including website requests, must be approved by DPAB.

Complete the Project Brief form to register your request with us.

Completed forms are reviewed at DPAB (see DPAB terms of reference (PDF, 281kB) for guidance about how the process works).


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