New website: getting started

Before you start

  • New public-facing sites are created in T4 Site Manager.
  • The Digital Communications team will decide where a site is located within the University website structure.
  • Top-level URLs (web addresses) must be approved by the Digital Communications team.
  • Each website needs a site administrator to act as the main point of responsibility for the management of the site.
    • There should be no more than three site administrators per website.

Want a research-based or non-standard website?

Step one: proposal

New websites must be approved by the Digital Communications team.

Complete this form to register your request with us. The form should be completed by the proposed site administrator or head of department.

Step two: consultation

The Digital Communications team will contact you to arrange an initial consultation meeting. During the consultation, we'll discuss your business objective(s), proposed content and key messages as well as the support and advice we can offer you.

Step three: training

Find out more about the training offered to web publishers.

At this stage it is important to start familiarising yourself with our style guides.