Non-standard websites

If you need to create a website which either doesn't require University branding, or needs functionality that the University content management system can't provide, then you will need to take one of the three following actions:

  1. University websites on a University web server
    If you require a site on a University web server but it is not appropriate to use the standard university template, contact us so we advise how to proceed.
  2. University websites on external web server
    If you are responsible for an official University website that is hosted on an external web server you must let us know. Prior to launch, the website will need to be reviewed to ensure it complies with the University visual identiy
  3. Websites using functionality delivered by outside suppliers
    Web publishers should make us aware of any special functionality or application they are considering implementing before they purchase it. These websites will be subject to a review to ensure that they comply with the University's style guide. Where appropriate, they may require an accessibility and usability assessment either from us or an external agency.

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