Research websites

Projects with basic website requirements

If your website requirements are satisfied by providing a basic project overview, we recommend using Explore Bristol Research. This provides you with a publicly accessible webpage and allows you to:

  • list research staff linked to the project
  • display the start and end dates of the project
  • provide an overview description of the project which can include images and links to further information.

Basic details of publicly funded projects are automatically added to the Pure database which feeds the Explore Bristol Research pages. Projects in Explore Bristol Research can be updated via Pure.

See the Pure support pages for guidance.

Projects with public engagement or other impact requirements

If your project has public engagement or impact objectives that require a website to communicate or regularly share information with an external audience, we recommend setting up a site on the Bristol Blogs network.

All University staff and postgraduate research students can create a site on this network, and colleagues external to the University can be granted editing access if required. For this reason, we also recommend this approach for multi-institutional research projects.

The main advantages to using the Bristol Blogs network are:

  • Free of charge - there are no costs attached to these sites
  • Versatility - modify the University theme e.g. for multi-institution organisations or projects that require a non-University identity
  • Ease-of-use - the WordPress editorial experience doesn't require any training and great sites can be set up with minimal effort
  • Control - there are a variety of plug-ins available for advanced users, and a drag-and-drop user interface for everyone that will help you to achieve what you need
  • Instant publish - no need to wait for a scheduled publish job to run, those roles with publish rights can publish immediately.

Get started, and find out more, at:

Projects requiring bespoke digital interaction or functionality

If your project requires a website with advanced functionality or bespoke digital interactive design (for example, data visualisation, cataloguing functions, complex databases or interactive maps) we recommend that you contact Research IT in the first instance.

The Research IT team are professional software developers with expertise in creating software for academic research. There will almost certainly be cost implications for bespoke web design.

Contact Research IT.