New website review and launch

Website review

Before your website is launched, the Digital Communications team will review it to ensure it meets quality standards and the needs of its internal and external audiences. The Digital Communications team will also check to see the University's web style guide has been followed and whether the content complies with house style.

Request a website review

Allow three weeks for the review process to take place. During busy periods, such as the few weeks before the beginning of a new academic year, reviews may take longer. You will be informed if this is the case.

You may be asked to make some changes to your pages. Please let us know when you have completed these; you need to re-submit the site until the Digital Communications team are satisfied the site complies with quality standards.

Website launch

You will receive notification by email when your website has been approved for launch. The Digital Communications team will liaise with IT Services to arrange for the website to be made live.

Redirects from your old website

If you are replacing a website, your new website is unlikely to have the same structure as your old one. Automatic redirects will be put in place to ensure users who try to visit pages on your old website, ie via a bookmark, are automatically redirected to your new website. This avoids broken links.

You may have high-profile pages (pages that are visited a lot) on your old website which have exact matches on your new website. In cases like this, a page-to-page redirect can be created, eg could be redirected to

Please inform your Faculty Web Officer about specific page redirects. Otherwise all pages from your old website will be redirected to your new homepage.

Corporate indexes

If your homepage is in a new location, the corporate indexes (including the a-z index) will be updated with your new URL. If you have an entry in PIMS, the URL against it will be updated.