People Profiler

People Profiler is an application used to display profiles on individual websites across the University web presence. It is used to display academic staff profiles within an organisational unit (eg school), also technical staff, professional services staff and research postgraduates.

All listings are sorted alphabetically. Staff, honorary staff and students are, when present, listed separately.

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From 2016 People Profiler was identified as being no longer fully supported by IT Services, with a replacement solution currently being sought. All uses of People Profiler will remain online for the foreseeable future, however no new instances of People Profiler can be set up.

Academic staff should use Pure to communicate their research information. See 'Integration with Pure' below'.

Maintaining People Profiler

Each member of staff (and PGR students where appropriate) is responsible for updating their own profile.

The site administrator is responsible for ensuring that the correct staff (and PGR students where appropriate) are listed. The site administrator may also create and manage custom groups (see ‘Groups’ below).

Integration with Pure

If you are a member of academic staff or research postgraduate with a profile in Pure, the text from your Pure profile will be automatically displayed within the ‘Research’ tab of your People Profiler profile. Any publications you are associated with in Pure will also be listed on your People Profiler profile automatically.

If you update your Pure profile, the updates will be automatically reflected in your People Profiler profile, however they are not instant, they will update overnight.

Standard information displayed

The sections listed below are displayed by default in People Profiler profiles. Most fields are optional and won’t display if left blank. For instance, professional services staff may leave research fields blank, preventing the ‘Research’ tab from appearing on their profile.


‘Overview’ displays your name, job title, contact details and office location. These details are pulled in directly from your staff/student record in PIMS. If you wish to amend these details, please contact your PIMS administrator.

The page also displays a summary of other sections within your profile.


‘About’ displays your memberships within the University. This includes:


‘Research’ displays your research interests. This is pulled in automatically from your Pure profile. If you wish to edit this, you may do so in Pure.

‘Research’ also displays a list of research keywords, which help users find your profile when searching for matching research topics.

‘Research’ can list researchers within your research group.


‘Publications’ displays a list of your latest publications, pulled in automatically from your Pure profile. You may also highlight key publications if you wish.


Custom groups can be set up to highlight related staff groupings, eg research areas, administrative teams, etc. These display a list of related staff alongside a description of the grouping.

Where used, groups are maintained by the site administrator.



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 (or PGR student where appropriate)