Centre for Synaptic Plasticity

The Centre for Synaptic Plasticity started as a joint venture between the Medical Research Council and the University of Bristol.  Research is directed towards gaining an understanding of synaptic plasticity in both normal and disease states, such as epilepsy. Work within the Centre is carried out in a multidisciplinary and collaborative manner, with different research groups tacking different aspects of a particular question.

Based within the School of Medical Sciences and the Dorothy Hodgkin Building, groups within the Centre enjoy a recently refurbished research environment with access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

Want to know more about how the brain works? Want to learn what a neuron is and what it does or how we learn and remember things? Check out the site that gives you the fundamentals of neuroscience - all the way from molecules to memory.

Bristol Neuroscience

Bristol Neuroscience, founded in 2003, enables all neuroscientists to make full use of the local expertise and facilities at the University and partner hospitals. See website for more about the large and diverse neuroscience community of Bristol.

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