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Publication - Professor Pete Cullen

    Actin-dependent endosomal receptor recycling


    Simonetti, B & Cullen, PJ, 2019, ‘Actin-dependent endosomal receptor recycling’. Current Opinion in Cell Biology, vol 56., pp. 22-33


    Endosomes constitute major sorting compartments within the cell. There, a myriad of transmembrane proteins (cargoes) are delivered to the lysosome for degradation or retrieved from this fate and recycled through tubulo-vesicular transport carriers to different cellular destinations. Retrieval and recycling are orchestrated by multi-protein assemblies that include retromer and retriever, sorting nexins, and the Arp2/3 activating WASH complex. Fine-tuned control of actin polymerization on endosomes is fundamental for the retrieval and recycling of cargoes. Recent advances in the field have highlighted several roles that actin plays in this process including the binding to cargoes, stabilization of endosomal subdomains, generation of the remodeling forces required for the biogenesis of cargo-enriched transport carriers and short-range motility of the transport carriers.

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