Charges and Tariffs

On this page you will find the prices of typical items

(Prices include VAT where required)


Physical Works


Type of WorkPrice
New Extension & Socket installation by contractor £240
New Extension to existing socket carried out by contractor £180
Shift an existing Extension from one socket to another carried out by contractor £90
Patch an existing Extension from one socket to another existing socket in a building with structured cabling carried out by telephone services or Zone staff Free
Swap extensions with another extension Free


 Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the difference between "Shift an existing Extension from one socket to another carried out by contractor" and "New Extension to existing socket carried out by contractor"?

The answer is in two parts. The first is that wherever there is the word "New" there is an additional process of allocating a channel on a card and purchasing a card once those channels are used up which has its own additional process and cost.

The second part of the answer is cabling. When the word "New" is used a whole new cable is laid from end to end and sometimes that can involve pulling cables underground or between buildings, some of these cables can be very long, much longer than 100m and some of these cables can be very thick as they contain 500+ strands. These cables typically go from Exchanges to distribution points. 

Finally, there is the cable that leads from a distribution point to the socket. Without structured cabling a phone socket is different from a data socket and therefore needs a contractor to cable to it if it is new or to move the cable if it is existing and reaches. Sometimes, the cable is existing but is too short and needs jointing, if a cable has too many joints, it will lead to a poor quality crackly line and  the contractor will be forced to put a new cable in even if it is a shift but the price you pay is the price above regardless of difficulty and cost.

Why can some jobs be done by UoB staff and some need to be done by contractors?

In buildings that are flood wired and structured cabled, it is possible for the UoB staff to reconfigure the infrastrucure to provide an exisiting socket either as a phone line or as a data point but not at the same time if your area has not converted to VoIP and then only in areas with a technology called 802.1x.

However, even if your building was flood wired and structured cabled it still might require a contractor as the occupancy levels might be above what was orginally expected when the infrastructure was designed and installed and so there is no remaing free infrastructure to use.



Telephony Products

TypeTypical ProductNotesPrice
Basic Mobile Nokia 3310   55.18
Basic Mobile Samsung X cover 550   82.80

Desk Phone

Berkshire 200   23
Desk Phone BT Converse 2300 Hands free and hearing aid compatible 54
Cordless Desk Phone BT Diverse 7110   37.80
Conference Phone Basic Polycom Sound Station 2 Will not work in a VoIP area. Can rent one for £15 per a time from us 306
VoIP Conference Phone Polycom Sound Station Duo Can Work in a non VoIP area 462
Headset Plantronics NCall   92.40
SIM Card (No Device)   No Monthly Cost 6
Mi-Fi Various Call or email as there is a lot of variation Varies












Which mobile network?

Each mobile device connected through EE is subject to a 24 month contract. Charges are liable for the whole of this period, for which the requesting department will be responsible.


The typical costs are below

- EE 4G  £2.75 per month voice only - £5 including 4G unlimited Data



Roaming Charges

We have a standard "Daily Traveller" Roaming bundle from EE which you can request to be added to your contract.   We ask for at least 2 weeks notice before you are due to travel to have this added.  You will be liable to roaming charges if roaming is not enabled before you travel.  

The cheapest option to download data whilst overseas is via a wifi network. 

The "Daily Traveller" bundle is capped at 800 MB per 24 hour period.   If you go over this limit then you will be charged £2.50 per MB, until roaming is reset at midnight