Text messaging

There are two mechanisms for texting in the University; one is hosted off site and the other is on site:

  1. The onsite one is going to be phased out as people migrate over to the much more advanced newer offsite system.
  2. The offsite system is located at https://uob.stexts.com and is hosted by a third party to ensure that the site will be available should there be a problem with UoB systems (this is where UOB-ALERT texts are sent from).  A checklist is shown below.
Who can we text? Text mobiles from the UK and Ireland to reduce risk of costly texts.
What is the cost 2.8p +VAT per text unless the mobile is outside of the EU.
Expiry time on messages? Yes
Can schedule messages? Yes
Blacklist? Yes
White List? Yes
Opt in/opt out? Yes
Receive incoming messages? Yes
Has an API? Yes
Has reports? Yes
Can have long codes? Yes
Can have short codes? Yes
Can enforce 160 char limit? Yes
Can override 160 char limit? Yes
Text replies into emails? Yes
What is the maximum number of texts? 68,000 per hour

Contact Telephone Services to arrange a demo or to find out more.