Theatre Collection The David Hughes Live Art Archive

The David Hughes Live Art Archive incorporates Live Art Listings, Hybrid Magazine and liveartmagazine.

Set up by David Hughes in 1994, this archive comprises some 120 large boxes of material in various formats and was donated to the Theatre Collection in 2009.

The material includes video tapes, mini DV tapes, DVDs, catalogues, printed material, brochures, playbills, posters, ephemera such as day bills & fliers, plus a few iconic objects which date from 1978 to the present.

The archive is a valuable addition to the Live Art Archives resources, complimenting the existing archives such as the National Review of Live Art Archive, the Record of Live Art Practice and the Performance magazine Archive.

This archive is currently uncatalogued and in the process of being sorted and re-boxed. Please contact the please contact Bex Carrington, Keeper: Live Art Archives on 0117 33 15186, or email: if you require further information.
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