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What is The NRLA Archive?
The National Review of Live Art (NRLA) Archive is primarily a video archive that holds footage of performances from the prestigious NRLA festival. The footage covers the period from 1986 (when the festival was first documented on film) to 2010 when the festival closed. As well as the recordings of performances, there are also tapes of installations, discussions, and interviews with participating artists.

In addition to the videos, the Archive contains a variety of information on the NRLA itself, and valuable printed material including the festival brochures, posters, press cuttings and other miscellaneous documents.

The NRLA Archive was donated to The Nottingham Trent University in the 1990ís by Nikki Milican (OBE), artistic director of the NRLA, as a key addition to the Live Art Archives, and subsequently transferred to the University of Bristol Theatre Collection in 2006.
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The NRLA Video Archive Digitisation Projects
In 2005, the National Review of Live Art Archive was awarded a substantial grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council to allow a 3-year project to digitise the video material from 1986 - 2006 for preservation and improved accessibility. The project finished in December 2008 and its outcomes included a searchable online catalogue and project website.

A further project completed the digitisation from 2007 - 2010 and made the material accessible online.
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The NRLA formed part of the New Territories festival, which was Scotland's International festival of Live Arts produced by New Moves International.

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