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What is RLAP?
The Record of Live Art Practice (RLAP) has developed from the original Live Art Archive (LAA) which was established by Professor Barry Smith in the mid-1990ís.

RLAP holds information about existing Live Art / Performance Art materials, records and publications primarily in England and the UK, from 1994 to the present. It is mostly paper-based although it does contain some videos and dvds, audio-tapes and slides.

RLAP holds more than 200,000 records of Live Art work, and is the most extensive record of Live Art worldwide.
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The History of RLAP
The Live Art Archive (LAA) from which RLAP has evolved was first established in January 1994 when the Arts Council of England invited Dr Barry Smith (as he was then) of The Nottingham Trent University to formalise and expand his research collection in order to create as complete and current a record as possible of Live Art events in England from around 1960 onwards. This Archive was subsequently developed as a unique research resource at Nottingham Trent University and it then transferred to the University of Bristol Theatre Collection in January 2006 where it continues to grow.

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The original Live Art Archive online catalogue was deposited with the Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS), but is now unfortunately not viewable online. The catalogue will shortly be integrated into the Theatre Collection database and updated with material from 2000 onwards as resources allow.

A list of the artists, venues and events for which we hold material in RLAP is available.

Please note that this is a working database rather than an official catalogue and may be a little out of date. Please contact us to establish what individual items we have.
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Typical Live Art Archive Database Searches
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Artists Events City Venues
Franko B LIFT ROOT Nottingham Glasgow
Forced Entertainment Third Angel Quick! Queer Up North London Bristol
Lone Twin Anne Seagrave Contemporary Archives Manchester Liverpool

The Record of Live Art Practice contains material from a wide range of significant performance artists who have worked with the Live Art Archive and contributed to its development over the years. Once such artist is Alastair MacLennan, who is respected and renowned for his work in this field. Originally hosted by the Live Art Archives while at Nottingham Trent University, Alastair's website has now been deposited with the AHDS.
Material relating to Alastair MacLennan held in the
Live Art Archives
From Alientegration 1983.Copyright Alastair MacLennan.
Alastair MacLennan's Website
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