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  • The Art Section
    An Online Journal of Art and Cultural Commentary.

  • Arts Journal
    A digest of arts and cultural journalism based on some 100 English-language publications.

  • Asian Theatre Journal
    Dedicated to the performing arts of Asia, focussing upon both traditional and modern theatrical forms. Asian Theatre Journal aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge throughout the international theatrical community for the benefit of all international scholars and artists. It offers descriptive and analytical articles, original plays and play translations, books and audiovisual reviews and reports of current theatrical activities in Asia.

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  • C
  • Contemporary Theatre Review
    A journal which encompasses a wide variety of theatres, from new playwrights and devisors to theatres of movement, image and other forms of physical expression, from new acting methods to music theatre and multi-media production work. Recognising the plurality of contemporary performance practices, it encourages contributions on physical theatre, opera, dance, design and the increasingly blurred boundaries between the physical and the visual arts.

  • D
  • Dance Theatre Journal
    Dance Theatre Journal is the leading publication on contemporary dance and live art.

  • The Drama Review
    With an emphasis on the experimental, avant-garde, intercultural, and interdisciplinary, The Drama Review covers dance, theater, performance art, popular entertainment, media, sports, rituals, and performance in politics and everyday life and has long been known as an important resource for keeping up with performance studies in all aspects

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  • e-flux
    Established in January 1999 in New York, e-flux is an international network which reaches more then 50,000 visual art professionals on daily bases through its website, e-mail list and special projects. Its news digest e-flux announcements distributes information on some of the world's most important contemporary art exhibitions, publications and symposia.

  • Enculturation
    An electronic journal concerned with cultural studies, rhetorics and theories.

  • Esse: Arts & Opinions
    A French-language magazine, focusing on multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary practices, such as visual art, performance, video, urban music and dance, experimental theatre and all forms of social interventions, in situ or performance art.

  • F
  • Frakcija
    A Performing Arts Magazine established ten years ago by a group of dramaturgs, theatre theoreticians, critics and artists based in Zagreb.

  • G
  • Guide to Career Education
    Useful Fine Art internet links.

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  • L
  • Leonardo Online
    Online information about the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology.

  • M
  • Maska
    A magazine for performing arts with the longest European tradition (published since 1920).

  • Mediamatic magazine
    Dutch themed magazine concerned with media and art, asking what the cultural implications of the new technologies are.

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  • Performance Paradigm: A Journal of Performance and Contemporary Culture
    A refereed online journal published annually by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of New South Wales, Sydney; the School of Creative Arts at the University of Melbourne and Performance Space Sydney.

  • Performance Research
    A specialist journal that promotes a dynamic interchange between scholarship and practice in an expanding field of performance. Interdisciplinary in vision and international in scope, its emphasis is on research in contemporary performance arts within changing cultures.

  • Performing Arts Journal
    A journal admired internationally for its independent critical thought and cutting-edge explorations. PAJ charts new directions in performance, video, drama, dance, installations, media, film, and music, integrating theater and the visual arts.

  • Presence
    Funded and published by Middlesex University, Presence is a special e-journal project initiated by the editorial board of ePAI, the electronic incarnation of the formerly print-based journal Performance Arts International.

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  • No entries

  • R
  • Research In Drama Education
    A refereed journal aimed at those who are interested in applying performance practices to cultural engagement, educational innovation and social change.

  • S
  • No entries

  • T
  • Theatre der Zeit
    Formerly the main theatre publication of East Germany, Theater der Zeit is an alternative-oriented journal./li>

  • Theatre Research International
    Theatre Research International reflects the diversity of theatre practice throughout the world and has established itself as a leading publication in its field.

  • Total Theatre magazine
    A quarterly national UK publication that celebrates and promotes innovative contemporary theatre and physical/visual performance.

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  • W
  • Women & Performance
    A journal of feminist theory which is a peer-reviewed, triannual publication featuring scholarly essays on performance, dance, film, new media, and the performance of everyday life from interdisciplinary feminist perspectives.

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