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Theatre Collection Books by Richard Southern

The Medieval Theatre in the Round : a Study of the Staging of 'The Castle of Perseverance' and Related Matters by Richard Southern. 2nd ed. 1975 [YX3B S727]

The Victorian Theatre : a Pictorial Survey by Richard Southern, 1970 [YX3N S727]

The Georgian Playhouse by Richard Southern, 1948 [YX3K S727]

The Seven Ages of the Theatre by Richard Southern; with line drawings by the author. 2nd ed. 1968 [YX3 S727]

The Georgian Theatre, Richmond, Yorkshire : the story of the theatre by Richard Southern and Ivor Brown. 1962 [YXI R533]

On Reconstructing a Practicable Elizabethan Public Playhouse by Richard Southern. 1959 [YX3 FS727]

The Dramatic Studio of the University of Bristol = Le Studio Dramatique de l'Université de Bristol by Richard Southern. 1955 [A&SS LIBRARY STORE]

The Open Stage and the Modern Theatre in Research and Practice by Richard Southern. 1953 [YXJ S727]

Changeable Scenery : its Origin and Development in the British theatre by Richard Southern. 1952 [YXK S727]

Essentials of Stage-Planning by Stanley Bell, Norman Marshall & Richard Southern ; with illustrations by Richard Leacroft and a forward by Geoffrey Whitworth. 1949 [YXK B435]

Proscenium and Sight-Lines : a Complete System of Scenery Planning and a Guide to the Laying out of Stages for Scene-designers, Stage-managers, Theatre Architects and Engineers, Theatrical History by Richard Southern, 1939 [YXK S727]

Stage-Setting for Amateurs and Professionals by Richard Southern. 1937 [YXK S727]

The Staging of Eighteenth-century Designs for Scenery by Richard Southern. 1935 [YXK S727]

The Staging of Plays before Shakespeare by Richard Southern. 1973 [YX3B S727]

Shakespeare Survey 12, includes essay On Reconstructing a Practicable Elizabethan Public Playhouse, by Richard Southern, Cambridge University Press, 1959 [YX3F S727]

International Vocabulary of Technical Theatre Terms, by Kenneth Rae and Richard Southern, Theatre Arts Books, New York, NY, 1964 [A&SS LIBRARY - PN2035 INT]

The Revels History of Drama in English, Volume Five 1660-1715, by John Loftus, Richard Southern, Marion Jones, A H Scouten, 1976 [YX3 R451]

The Revels History of Drama in English, Volume Six 1750-1880, by Michael R Booth, Richard Southern, Frederick and Lise-Lole Marker, Robertson Davies, 1976 [YX3 R451]


Contributor to TABS Magazine, early 1960’s

New Theatre Magazine, No 4, 1960, 'A University Theatre – Nuffield Theatre, Southampton', by Richard Southern

Theatre Notebook:
Volume 2, No 1, Oct-Dec 1947, 'Observations on Lansdowne MS'
Volume 2, No 3, Apr-Jun 1948, 'Leidard and Early Eighteenth Century Scene Design'
Volume 2, No 4, July-Sept 1948, 'Theodore de Banville and the Hanlon Lees Troupe'
Volume 3, No 1, Oct-Dec 1948, 'Concerning a Georgian Proscenium Ceiling'
Volume 3, No 4, July-Sept 1949, 'The Arena Theatre in English History'
Volume 4, No 1, Oct-Dec 1949, 'Progress at Richmond, Yorkshire & Theatre remains at Wisbech'
Volume 4, No 3, Apr-Jun 1950, 'The Problem of AB’s Theatre Drawings & The scene plot of the Change of Crownes'
Volume 5, No 2, Jan-Mar 1951, 'Scenery at the Book League'
Volume 5, No 3, Apr-Jun 1951, 'The Picture Frame Proscenium of 1880'
Volume 6, No 3, Apr-Jun 1952, 'Colour in Elizabethan Theatre'
Volume 6, No 4, July-Sept 1952, 'A Japanese Theatre Exhibition'
Volume 7, No 2, Jan-Mar 1953, 'Inigo Jones and Florimene'
Volume 7, No 3, Apr-June 1953, 'Origins of Theatre Research'
Volume 8, No 1, Oct-Dec 1953, 'Hogarth Prints of Scenes'
Volume 9, No 1, Oct-Dec 1954, 'Seventeenth Century Indoor Stage'

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