Staff parking

The information on this page refers to the car parks contained within the Precinct and Satellite sites. List of University car parks (PDF, 42kB). Staff or Disabled staff requiring the use of other University car parks, such as Coombe Dingle, Langford and the Halls of Residences are requested to seek information from their manager as there may be local parking policies in place.

Staff parking permits, car-sharing permits, and disabled permits issued on a permanent basis, will expire on 31 December 2017. The forthcoming shortened 2017/2018 permit year will run from 1 January 2018 to 31 July 2018 and the application window for these permits is now open and will close on 27 October 2017. Application forms will be available to download from the Applying for a parking permit web page.

A new on-line parking permit and coupon management system will be implemented for the 2018/2019 permit year. Further information on the new permit and coupon management system will be available on these web pages, and via the weekly staff bulletin, in advance of the implementation of the new system in April 2018. 

Upon launch in April 2018 the new permit and coupon management system will be accessed from the University of Bristol website and will bring the permit application and authorisation process, and coupon ordering process, together in a combined on-line application. Parking permit applications will need to be made through the new system from April 2018 onwards, and parking coupons will need to be ordered through the new system from July 2018 onwards.    

The new system is being designed to be as user-friendly as possible. A number of support sessions will also run so that all staff have the opportunity to become familiar with the new system before the main permit application window opens in April. Support will also be available to staff who do not have access to a computer at work.    

The new system is expected to result in time savings for all staff. The new system will further support the University Precinct and satellite sites parking policy in a number of ways, including being compatible with hand-held devices that Security Services staff will use to improve parking enforcement, and by providing enhanced management information on parking operations that will aid operational efficiency and support future strategic decision making. 

There will be no change to the University Precinct and satellites sites parking policy that was introduced in January 2016 and updated in June 2016. The qualifying criteria and point scoring system for obtaining permits will remain exactly the same as for the 2017/2018 permit application window, and as per the parking permit guidance outlined on the University Precinct Parking web pages.

Further information on the new permit and coupon management system will be available on these web pages, and via the weekly staff bulletin, in advance of the implementation of the new system in April 2018.

Application dates relevant to the shortened 2017-18 parking permit year are given below.

2017-18 Permit Year 

Start DateEnd Date
 Open for applications - Disabled staff  11 September 2017  31 July 2018  
 Applications for Main allocation window - Staff  11 September 2017  27 October 2017
 Applications for Interim allocation window - Staff  28 October 2017  31st March 2018*
 Open for applications - Car sharing  11 September 2017  Onwards
 Operational - Staff, Disabled staff and Car sharing  1st January 2018         31st July 2018

* Please note the following: Applications that are unsuccessful during the main permit allocation and those submitted between 28 October 2017 and March 2018, will be considered in an interim staff permit allocation that will be run at the end of March 2018. If any permits are issued from this interim allocation, permits will be valid from 1 April 2018 to 31 July 2018.

Please use the table below to direct you to the information you require. 

 New Policy (2015 onwards)

 Applying for a parking permit

 Car parking charges and payment

 Car parking Terms and Conditions

 Updating your permit details


An updated illustration showing the rescheduled Parking Permit Year and Allocation Periods (PDF, 97kB) has been produced.

A ‌flow chart to help staff assess their travel to work options (PDF, 77kB) has been produced.