Bradley Stoke (North) to Southwell Street Cycle Route

The route I take from Bradley Stoke is direct but on busy roads.

  1. Through Bradley Stoke via Brook Way (the cycle lane stops half way and gives way to lots of side roads so I have given it up).
  2. Along Orpheus Avenue, crossing Gipsy Patch Lane at roundabout (the cycle lane crossings seem more dangerous).
  3. Continue along road past Parkway station and Sun Life.
  4. Right at roundabout, then right again along New Road.
  5. Cross ring road at pelican crossing then right. I usually cycle along the ring road but there is a cycle lane on the pavement - it has obstacles and spits you out in an unfortunate fashion.
  6. Past Abbey Wood then left into Filton Avenue.
  7. Continue all the way along to Gloucester Road.
  8. Left down Gloucester Road to Zetland Road traffic lights.
  9. Up Zetland Road.
  10. Left into Cotham Grove (it has a couple of nasty lumpy bits).
  11. At T-junction, right on to Cotham Brow.
  12. Left into Southwell Street.

It is possible to avoid some of Filton Ave by cycling through the MoD. This is a bit creepy as you are trapped between 2 security fences. The not so good bit is you end up on the Lockleaze playing fields which can have rather too many drunk teenagers for comfort.

I take this route because on the whole I prefer my chances with the moving traffic than having a parked car owner open their door into me - but I am willing to be converted.