Portishead to Langford Cycle Route

picture of the view when cycling from portishead to langford

picture of the view when cycling from portishead to langford

picture of the view when cycling from portishead to langford

13.5 miles. Overall descent of 110m (ascent on way back!)

I live at the top of the hill by Highdown school in Portishead. Go past the school (on your left) and straight across the roundabout heading along the bay road (Walton Street). The views on your right here are spectacular and change every day/time you go down here. Sometimes the tide is in and you can see as far as Swansea nearly and other times you can hardly see the bay but it's always impressive.

This is a nice 2.5 mile descent to take you Right at the T-junction on the main Clevedon road. This is busy with traffic but slightly downhill also till you enter Clevedon.

Continue to the mini roundabout and turn Left to go past the Shell Station.

At the junction/roundabout go straight ahead towards Tickenham and take care after 200 yards to turn Right on to the Moor road.

This immediately rises over the M5 bridge and back down to the now flat and straight moor road. Bumpy but easy going.

At the T-junction turn Left past Hands Stadium and next Right at the grass triangle and over a small rhyne.

Follow this road for 3 miles past beautiful fields of sheep and dairy cows and look out for herons in the rhynes either side. Occasional wafts of honeysuckle brighten up the early summer riding.

This takes you in to Yatton.

Go Left at the T-junction and over the railway bridge. Bad traffic now so take care. Follow along the High Street and up the small 35m hill past Cadbury House and garden centre (on descent).

Right at the Congresbury traffic lights on the A370 and Left at the next set 50 yards later.

The next 3 miles have quite steady traffic but largely good road until you turn left into the Vet School at your destination.

This ride's better on the way home as you have the 110m climb at the end (and refreshments after!). Watch out for big potholes on the moor road and Clevedon to Portishead road on the way back – I’ve lost many an inner tube and one rear wheel in the dark.