Staple Hill to Clifton Cycle Route

This route is mostly along the Bristol-Bath cycle track which now has lighting beyond Easton. You could of course join the cycle track at any other point.
  1. Left into Levinton Road.
  2. Right into Beechgrove Road.
  3. Left at end into Forest Road and join the cycle track heading towards Lodge Causeway.
  4. At the end of the cycle way in St Philips, left into St Philips Road.
  5. Right into Midland Road.
  6. Left beside Gardiner Haskins (no entry to cars).
  7. Along Jacob Street and follow signs to underpass to get to Castle Street.
  8. Through Castle Park cycle track to Bristol Bridge.
  9. Straight across traffic lights to Baldwin Street.
  10. At the Centre, either use the cycle lanes or join the main stream of traffic to reach College Green.
  11. Up College Green then continue up Park Street.
  12. At the traffic lights at the top of Park Street dismount and cross using the pedestrian lights to reach the bottom of University Road.
  13. Up University Road.

Contributed by Irene Dougall