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School of Economics, Finance and Management units in 2016/17

Please note: you are viewing unit and programme information for a past academic year. Please see the current academic year for up to date information.

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What do the Levels represent?

Unit name Unit code Credit points Open unit status
Strategy and Organisations MGRCM0001 20 Not open
Accountability and Accounting for Sustainability EFIMM0015 15 Not open
Accounting Theory, Scandals and Standards ECONM1016 15 Not open
Accounting and Capital Markets EFIMM0010 15 Not open
Advanced Corporate Finance ECONM2032 15 Not open
Advanced Financial Reporting EFIMM0034 15 Not open
Advanced Microeconomics ECONM3024 15 Not open
Applied Economics ECONM1008 15 Not open
Applied Work-based Project MGRCM0008 60 Not open
Asset Pricing ECONM2035 15 Not open
Banking EFIMM0006 15 Not open
Behavioural Finance EFIMM0016 15 Not open
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility MGRCM2014 15 Not open
Cases in Financial Management ECONM2021 15 Not open
Contemporary Issues in Accounting EFIMM0033 15 Not open
Contemporary leadership challenges EFIMM0035 20 Not open
Corporate Finance EFIMM0017 15 Not open
Credit Risk EFIMM0009 15 Not open
Critical Issues in Strategy MGRCM0005 20 Not open
Derivatives ECONM3017 15 Not open
Development Economics ECONM0003 15 Not open
Dissertation EFIMM0014 60 Not open
Econometrics ECONM1022 15 Not open
Economics for Finance and Management ECONM1014 15 Not open
Economics of Education EFIMM0042 15 Not open
Electronic Commerce EFIMM0019 15 Not open
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship ECONM2036 15 Not open
Finance and Accounting ECONM1007 15 Not open
Finance and Accounting for Management ECONM1015 15 Not open
Financial Markets and Investments EFIMM0018 15 Not open
Financial Reporting ECONM0001 15 Not open
Financial Reporting and Analysis EFIMM0030 15 Not open
Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation ECONM2027 15 Not open
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance EFIMM0029 15 Not open
Further Econometrics EFIMM0040 15 Not open
Further Macroeconomics EFIMM0039 15 Not open
Growth, Trade and Structural Change ECONM3002 15 Not open
Health Economics EFIMM0038 15 Not open
Industrial and Managerial Economics EFIMM0031 15 Not open
International Business EFIMM0003 15 Not open
International Finance ECONM2031 15 Not open
International Financial Accounting ECONM2028 15 Not open
International Management EFIMM0013 15 Not open
Introduction to Business and Economic Forecasting ECONM2038 15 Not open
Introduction to Development Economics EFIMM0004 15 Not open
Investment Management ECONM2030 15 Not open
Labour Economics EFIMM0041 15 Not open
Law and Economics ECONM2037 15 Not open
Leadership MGRCM0002 20 Not open
Leadership EFIMM0012 15 Not open
Leading Through Complexity MGRCM0006 20 Not open
MRes Econometrics 1 EFIMM0021 15 Not open
MRes Econometrics 2 EFIMM0022 15 Not open
MRes Macroeconomics 1 EFIMM0020 15 Not open
MRes Macroeconomics 2 EFIMM0026 15 Not open
MRes Mathematics for Economics EFIMM0023 15 Not open
MRes Microeconomics 1 EFIMM0028 15 Not open
MRes Microeconomics 2 EFIMM0027 15 Not open
MRes Research Methods in Economics EFIMM0024 15 Not open
MRes in Economics - Dissertation EFIMM0025 60 Not open
Macroeconomics ECONM1011 15 Not open
Management ECONM1013 15 Not open
Managerial Economics ECONM2015 15 Not open
Marketing Management MGRCM2015 15 Not open
Microeconomics ECONM1010 15 Not open
Operations Management MGRCM2017 15 Not open
Organisational Behaviour MGRCM2012 15 Not open
Organisational Complexity EFIMM0036 20 Not open
Organisational Creativity MGRCM1000 15 Not open
Personnel Economics ECONM2018 15 Not open
Policy Experiments EFIMM0037 15 Not open
Programme Evaluation ECONM0002 15 Not open
Project Management MGRCM2028 15 Not open
Project Management and Systems Thinking MGRCM0007 20 Not open
Public Organisation ECONM1020 15 Not open
Quantitative Finance ECONM2029 15 Not open
Quantitative Methods for Economics, Finance and Management ECONM1012 15 Not open
Quantitative Methods for Finance and Investment EFIMM0005 15 Not open
Research Design and Qualitative Research Methods in A&F EFIMM0032 15 Not open
Strategic Human Resource Management MGRCM2011 15 Not open
Strategic Management MGRCM1001 15 Not open
Strategic Management ECONM2025 15 Not open
Strategic Management Accounting ECONM2024 15 Not open
Studying Management ECONM1023 15 Not open
Understanding Change and Uncertainty MGRCM0004 20 Not open