University Planning & Resources Committee


Other Support Services’ Divisional Heads and other colleagues will attend as appropriate.

The Governance team will service UPARC.

*The Deans of Faculties and the Registrar may, with the Chair’s approval, send deputies to attend in their absence.

Terms of Reference

  • The University Planning & Resources Committee (UPARC) advises Board of Trustees and Senate on operational and academic matters.

  • The responsibilities of UPARC are:
    1. to ensure that adequate, early consideration is given to issues that are, or may become, of major strategic significance to the University. 
    2. to contribute to the formulation of new plans, policies and strategies of University-wide significance, including strategic financial plans and report to Senate and/or the Board of Trustees when appropriate.
    3. to contribute, receive and  endorse new plans, policies and strategies, whether formulated within UPARC or University committees prior to their submission to Senate and/or the Board of Trustees for approval.
    4. to approve plans, policies and procedures (or amendments thereto), whether formulated within UPARC or other University committees, in respect of health and safety and recommend to Senate for approval.
    5. to consider the University's draft budget, financial plans and capital programme prior to their consideration and approval by Finance & Major Projects Committee, and then the Board of Trustees.
    6. to receive and approve recommendations on Capital Investment or submit such  to Finance Committee or the Board of Trustees, as appropriate.
  •  In addition to the above, UPARC will routinely receive the following reports for discussion:
    1. School Reviews
    2. Divisional Reviews
    3. Significant rationalisation or expansion plans
    4. Deans’ Annual Reports on their Faculties
    5. Annual Risk Review and Risk Register
    6. Financial Reports including the Financial Dashboard
    7. Operating accounts and forecasts
    8. Such other routine reports as from time to time may be deemed appropriate
  • UPARC shall consult with the University Secretary's Office on the first occasion that any proposed amendment to the University Statutes and Ordinances is discussed. 

UPARC Report Template

‌‌UPARC Report Cover Sheet Template Sept 2016 (word doc) (Office document, 33kB)


UPARC meets regularly throughout the academic year. For more information please see the Committee Schedule.

If you would like to know what the paper deadlines are for UPARC please download the UPARC Paper Deadlines (PDF, 32kB).

2016/17 For Information Papers

The for information papers of UPARC meetings are available to download (University of Bristol staff access only).