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Many thanks to all of you who took part in the first phase of the strategy development process.

I would now like your feedback on some proposals that build on your feedback, grasp new opportunities, provide solutions to some of the issues you raised and have the potential to move our University forward. This is not a full draft strategy, and instead highlights major new activities and objectives.

We have organised events around the major themes (education, research, people and internationalisation) and invite all of you to come. The main aim of these events is to get your feedback, so please read the relevant section of the document beforehand and come armed with your questions and comments.

Whether or not you are able to come to the events, I also invite you to join the discussion on Yammer or send comments via email.

The proposals in the consultation paper are, in my view, exciting and timely. Many, however, incur cost and we will need to prioritise and consider where we can make savings elsewhere to realise our ambitions. Your feedback will help us and indeed may rule out some of the ideas suggested.

Please do join me either at an event or online to discuss the proposals. We will be closing this phase of the process at the end of March and will be asking our Board of Trustees to sign off the final strategy in May.

Professor Hugh Brady

Phase 1 consultation summaries

Summaries of the consultation and individual events are available.

A summary of student feedback is available.

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