Faculty Boards

Responsibilities of Faculty Boards

Each Faculty has a Faculty Board which debates and advises the Dean on the education and research strategies of the Faculty and is responsible for the management of these.  The Faculty Board is also responsible for management of the Faculty generally.  The Faculty Board may delegate to Faculty Committees or to its members such work as is appropriate, and shall ensure that the Board, directly or through its committees or members, discharge its responsibilities.

Subject to the overriding authority of Senate, the activities of Faculty Boards will include:


The Faculty Board shall comprise of:     

Additionally, the Dean to be empowered to invite other persons, including student representatives, to attend as appropriate.  A Head of School who is unable to attend a Faculty Board meeting may nominate a deputy to attend on his/her behalf.  A Faculty Board may co-opt up to three additional members as determined by Standing Orders.

Responsibilities of Faculty Assemblies

Each Faculty has a Faculty Assembly whose remit is to discuss issues which merit consideration by the Faculty as a whole. 

The Dean will schedule at least two meetings of the Faculty Assembly per session, and may schedule or call further meetings of the Faculty Assembly as appropriate.  A meeting of the Faculty Assembly may also be called by constituent members of the Faculty Assembly in accordance with provisions to be set out in Standing Orders.  The Faculty Assembly may formulate for consideration by the Faculty Board a resolution or opinion on any matter of relevance to the Faculty, but shall have no further authority.  The Faculty Board shall, however, take into account in its future decision making such views expressed by the Faculty Assembly.


The Chair of the Faculty Assembly will be appointed as provided by Faculty Assembly Standing Orders.  All members of the Faculty and not less than ten of the Faculty's elected Faculty and School student representatives may attend the Faculty Assembly.  The arrangements for appointment of such student representatives to the Faculty Assembly will be determined by the Faculty Assembly's standing orders.  The Chair may invite other persons to attend as appropriate.

For more information on specific Faculty Boards and Faculty Assemblies and their terms of reference, please visit the the following web pages (accessible via University intranet only):