The University Secretary

The University Secretary is currently the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer, Ms Robin Geller.

Within the University governance structure, the key roles and responsibilities of the University Secretary are to:

  1. keep the University Seal and report to Board of Trustees on its use;
  2. advise the Board of Trustees on integrity and propriety of governance;
  3. provide a written report in support of changes to Statutes and Ordinances;
  4. advise the Chair of the Board of Trustees regarding internal procedures and effectiveness;
  5. provide guidance to the Board of Trustees on its responsibilities, including legal advice;
  6. be responsible for the administration of the corporate governance of the Board of Trustees, Court and their respective committees;
  7. ensure procedural and regulatory compliance;
  8. advise and support individual Board of Trustees members (including the Chair);
  9. perform functions specified in Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations;
  10. assist with special issues (for example, the appointment of a new Vice Chancellor or Chancellor).


The University Secretary’s Office normally acts for the Secretary in relation to legal and compliance matters. Any correspondence or notices addressed to the University Secretary should be sent to:

University Secretary’s Office
Senate House
Tyndall Avenue